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Director's Note

"Why, in this over saturated market, would you make this film?"

This may sound melodramatic, but I truly believe that when a film gets it right, it has the potential to genuinely affect your perspective. That, for me, is the measure of a quality film - did I gain new insights into the human experience or the world around me…if yes…that’s a good movie…if no…then it's not.  Did the film do this in a way that is entertaining, exciting, and unique…if yes…then that's a great movie. The best movies can add enough new insights that you are effectively changed as a result of watching it, even if it's in a very small way.  After studying the best films/filmmakers out there, it is my feeling that a great film can combine:

  • the intellectual, philosophical examination of an arthouse film. 
  • the emotional depth of a powerful drama.
  • the pointed observation and wit of an intelligent comedy.
  • the edge of your seat excitement, fun, and suspense of a thriller. 
  • and hey, I’m a child of 90s and early 00s movies, so movies definitely don’t need to be linear and they should probably hit me with an unexpected twist or two.

That was the goal in making Double Booked.  To do our best to make a great movie with the resources we had. To create an experience that could ultimately give some insights into the human experience.  I hope we were able to provide even just  a few little nuggets of gold that change the way you look at your life…or hey, let's be honest, I also hope I just entertained you and provided you with an enjoyable, 97 minute kick-ass fuckin' ride!



Neil Webb