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Let’s talk real here.  Like in Moneyball, if we try to compete with the big guys, they’ll trounce us.  Because of the size and scale of the film, if it were to get distributed, it would most likely be with some shady, small time distributor and we’d never see a dime anyways, it would take forever to get the movie out to you and you’d be paying someone else to watch our work.  Doesn’t sound very appealing for anyone.


We made this movie, not to make money but because we had to make this movie…we were compelled to make this movie because it was what we wanted to see, and we felt we had something new and innovative to offer.  This movie’s free. Yes.  Is this a $20 million dollar movie.  No. But it is the most elite version of what it is…An independent film made on a microbudget.


It’s already not playing by the rules.  So we’re not going to play by the rules with the film’s release either.  We are going to keep it really simple.  We want you to watch it, first and foremost.  If you like it…amazing.  If you don’t…that’s fine too.  If you feel like it contributed to your life, throw a few bucks into our tip jar on the website as a thanks for our efforts.  You want to treat us to a coffee that will fuel the next project, toss in a few bucks.  If the movie messed with your head maybe treat us to a beer and kick in a fiver…if you liked it as much as what you see in the cinema, toss in a ten.  If it wasn’t your cup of tea…no sweat.  Thanks for checking it out.


We also want to let people in on the filmmaking process, to learn about the journey start to finish.  This was the stuff we loved about DVDs and Blurays - learning about the process and the behind the scenes stories.  We'll take you through our expedition into feature filmmaking with an audio commentary on the film, and then we have the complete film as a companion to that.


Your contribution to the tip jar would go towards helping to recoup some of the costs associated with the film's production.  The process is expensive from pre-production, equipment costs, location costs, post production costs, submissions to film festivals etc.


We’ve created something that we’re extremely proud of, and we want to share it with you, and hopefully you’ll share it with others.  My pledge to the 1000 true fans that we’ll hopefully accrue with this release, is that I will continue to learn from the best as an actor/writer/filmmaker so that I can put it all together and continue to bring you the most exciting/interesting/thought-provoking films possible.  

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Neil Webb (director of Double Booked)