Neil Webb – ‘Ryan’ – (Director, Co-Writer, Editor)

Neil Webb is quickly emerging as one of Western Canada’s most exciting young independent filmmakers. Double Booked marks the anticipated follow up to Webb’s award winning debut feature film ‘Railed Up and Wrecked.’ That film made appearances at several film festivals in 2010 and 2011, picking up the top honors at the 2010 Clearwater Festival (now the Tampa Bay International Film Festival). There, Webb picked up the award for best triple threat filmmaker (writer/director/actor). After some earlier acting work including some award-winning short films and ‘the Secret of the Nutcracker’ featuring Brian Cox, Neil shifted his focus towards creating his own content.  Having gained much experience with the first feature, Neil parlayed that into a running a successful corporate videography company which then of course led to a quick return to narrative fiction. Following the years of writing, pre-production, and the intensive filming process on Double Booked, Webb’s passion for acting was re-ignited. Over the past year Neil has appeared in 3 episodes of the AMPIA (Alberta Media Productions Industries Association) nominated series Bluff, and snagged a role in the Ridley Scott produced mini-series Klondike.  Most recently, Webb showed up in 2 episodes of the Bruce McCulloch written show 'Young Drunk Punk.' Neil is bound and determined to flourish in the film industry and will continue to wear as many hats as are necessary to make that happen.


Jayson Therrien ‘Steve’

Jayson Therrien has been working as an actor, casting director and producer in the film industry for over 8 years. Companies he has worked with include Alliance Films, Whiz Bang Films Inc., HBO, CBC, Focus Films, CTV, Discovery Channel, University of New York, and others. Before getting involved in the film industry, Jayson did promotions and copywriting for an Ontario based radio station (KICX 104) and graduated from Georgian College with a Diploma in Advertising and Marketing. In 2011, Jayson produced and starred in the acclaimed short film, “Dryland”. Up next he will be producing the feature film ”GREEN” and the acclaimed play turned film “Super 8″. Jayson, like on many of his other projects, pulled double duty on Double Booked, playing the ever-menacing yet charming Steve, as well as being the film’s casting director. As Steve, Jayson had to be constantly toeing the line between the character’s inner turmoil and his outward behavior. It was a constant balancing act that Jayson was able to expertly maintain during the arduous filming experience. The work was never done from his perspective; he was constantly pushing himself to find new elements of the character and how it worked with the story.


Ali Webb – ‘Candace’

Over the past few years Ali Webb has been one of Calgary’s busiest actresses in the independent film world. After turning in an acclaimed debut performance in Railed Up and Wrecked, Ali has been working almost non-stop developing her skills in increasingly larger roles. This year alone, Ali has been cast in the lead roles in two other prominent Calgary-based indie features: After the Storm, and Cold Lights. Ali’s performances in both of the aforementioned films as well as Double Booked have led Ali to larger projects as she is currently working on new Jon Cassar film ‘Forsaken,’ featuring, among many other talented actors, Kiefer and Donald Sutherland.  Most recently Ali has booked roles on two prominent Canadian TV shows: ‘Heartland,’ and ‘Supernatural.’  Concerning her part in Double Booked, Ali was at different times considered for each of the 5 main female roles in this film. Naturally, the options were cut down slightly due to the fact that her two brothers were writing parts for themselves that would be entwined with certain female characters. Nonetheless, versatility is the name of the game when it comes to Ali as an actress. You need funny, she brings the funny. You need emotional truth; she’s got you covered. You need strength, done. Weakness, check. Ali makes a handy tool in the casting process. But the character of Candace had a lot of variety that needed to be handled delicately. So there she fit…Her range was needed in this spot.


Sophia Lauchlin – ‘Alex’

Although Sophia Lauchlin may be the youngest member of the cast, she is wise beyond her years when it comes to acting. She has been well trained having spent nearly two straight years training at Company of Rogues actors’ studio where she has developed an unyielding commitment for performing truthfully in whatever part she may be in. Since working on Double Booked, Sophia, like Neil Webb was able to earn a part on the E1 series Klondike, where she acted opposite Abbie Cornish and Tim Roth.  She has most recently nabbed a series regular part on SyFy's Olympus. The future is bright for this young actress. In Double Booked, Sophia deftly plays the quiet, reserved, enigmatic part of Alex. Sophia was able to bring so much in her stillness and silence that you cannot help but be intrigued and compelled to watch her.


John Webb – ‘Leo’ – (Co-Writer)

John Webb is not only one of Alberta’s most charismatic young actors; he also served as co-writer on this project. In addition to a slew of commercials and shorts Webb’s credits include: Railed Up and Wrecked which earned him a best supporting actor award at the 2010 Clearwater Film Festival. John’s size, and natural magnetism has consistently lent well to him playing enigmatic, larger than life characters, which he does in spades as ‘Leo’ in this film. However it is his humility, intelligence, and vulnerability that allow him to ground the charming characters he plays into real, human performances. Both Webb brothers have degrees in Engineering, and put them to good use engineering a story that was at once both fresh and familiar. In addition to acting, engineering, and blogging, it’s John’s sheer fanaticism towards film and television that has most informed his keen knack for story, structure, and naturalism in his writing.


Kerry Atkins – ‘Kate’

Kerry Atkins makes a stunning feature film debut as ‘Kate,’ the alpha-female of this group of friends. Kerry’s raw talent and commitment led to a strikingly honest portrayal of an extremely challenging role. Her intelligence as an actress and strong instincts resulted in her humanizing this pivotal role that under less deft hands could have been reduced to an awful caricature. Although her film credits may be limited, Atkins has spent a lifetime in performing arts in one respect or another. Her experience as a national level synchronized swimmer led her to performing in the world-renowned live show, Le Reve, in Las Vegas for 2 years. This unparalleled performance training led Kerry to have very strong performance instincts as well as a strong sense of story, character, and the nuance necessary for a realistic performance. And just in case there was any doubt of how multi-talented Kerry is, in addition to being an Edmonton based actress, she is also 2 years into Medical School at the University of Alberta.


Cody Sparshu – ‘Jeff’

In a cast of actors and crew that are multi-talented people, Cody is no exception.Whether it be acting, or fulfilling various crew positions, Cody has worked on a large number of the major productions that Calgary has seen in the past few years, including Forsaken, Hell On Wheels, Burlesque Assassins, Drawing Home, and Cody Fitz. Cody has been consistently honing his skills and experience on set having acting roles in the two latter films mentioned in addition to the TV series Pet Heroes and Bluff. A jack-of-all-trades, Cody found himself in the film industry by way of having spent time as a wakeboard coach, tour manager for an international rock band, and a youth-counselor. Cody is now all-in with having his career lie in the film industry. Nowhere was this more evident than in the filming process for Double Booked. Cody was committed, sometimes to his own physical detriment, to realizing his performance of Jeff, the chatty easy-going hipster who’s forced out of his comfort zone and is called on to bring out his manly side. Cody was the last member of the 10 to be cast, and has one of the largest parts in the film. As a result, Cody’s subtle performance is all the more impressive when you realize the time constraints he was under and the eventual character work and preparation he put into the project. It was also always handy to have an extra art department/set dec eye on things.


Aadila Dosani ‘Jordan’

Aadila Dosani has been performing for over a decade. She studied theatre performance at the University of Toronto and has performed in over 3-dozen professional and independent theatre productions. Aadila found her way into the world of film and television three years ago. Since then she has starred in several independent productions such as the AMPIA nominated film Pseudo: Blood of Our Own (Canadian Bollywood Films), A Man At Sea (Rose and Dagger Films), The Pizza Guy (Polyscope Productions). Aadila won the part Double Booked over many hopefuls because not only was she able to perform with true emotional vulnerability but she possessed a razor-sharp wit and strong sense of timing. Hence she fit the role of the sarcastic, intelligent stoner nearly perfectly. Aadila possesses a naturalism and easy charm on screen that is the result of not only her raw talent, but also her intelligence and ability to really dig in and find the heart of scenes, her character, and this story.


Leanne Khol Young – ‘Brittany’

Leanne is truly a force of nature, especially when given a juicy part to sink her teeth into. Leanne has an un-ignorable presence both in everyday life and on screen, and not just due to her tall stature, but also because of the energy that she exudes. However you look at it, it’s tough not to be drawn to watch her in this film. There were no depths too deep for Leanne to venture to in her journey as Brittany. Her commitment to bringing humanity to a potentially clichéd character was an essential part of the success of this film. After graduating from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Leanne has brought the same commitment to her acting career as she brought her role in Double Booked. Leanne consistently takes up a nomadic existence and moves to where the work is in search of enhancing her abilities and bringing her unique personality to the characters she gets. Leanne has starred in, among others, successful short films including Prisoner 7 and Inevitable, as well the series Poker Girls. Leanne’s persistence and ingenuity won her the role in Double Booked, and those traits will continue to serve her in the future, but ultimately she will become an increasingly in-demand actress as people begin to see her ever-engaging performances, because her talent will speak for itself.


Scott Reid – ‘Chad’

Scott Reid has been an integral mainstay at Statically Indeterminate Productions. In addition to playing a pivotal role in Neil Webb’s first feature Railed Up and Wrecked, Scott has appeared in dozens of the company’s corporate videos and commercials. Scott is an actor by experience and not necessarily by training, and this is an excellent quality because he possesses a strong intellect and a very non-egoic acting approach that places story first and foremost. With a strong understanding of story dynamics, Scott’s performances emerge very organically and not through a trained actor’s filter. With others, this might not be a good quality, but Scott’s instincts in these matters are so strong, that he consistently is able to perform in an authentic, naturalistic, and yet very detailed manner. His likeability and charm are always shining through to the surface which allows him create complex characters, who not always possess the most likeable traits but that you consistently want to cheer for as a viewer. Scott has recently been seen in the short film Moving On (MVP Productions). As well as being a talented actor Reid has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary.


Plainsight Pictures – (Color Correction)

Plainsight Pictures is one of Alberta film industry’s most talented visual specialist companies. Bradley Stuckel and Kyle Sanborn are experts in the visual aspects of film including but not limited to cinematography, camera operating, and color timing. Plainsight Pictures came onto this project as a visual consultant in the color correction department. Even though only being involved in the post-production side of the project, Plainsight have left an indelible mark on the visual style of this film. Previous to Double Booked, Stuckel and Sanborn had worked on dozens of Alberta-based projects including the Bourne Legacy, Lloyd the Conqueror, Hell On Wheels, Tucker and Dale Versus Evil, and After the Storm. This is a short summary of the company’s impressive body of work. Plainsight Pictures will inevitably touch, in some manner, many of the quality projects that film in Alberta.



Alec Harrison – (Composer)

Alec Harrison is an extremely gifted composer based out of Calgary. He works with Six Degrees Music and Sound, the company responsible for the professional grade sound design, mix, music, score, behind many of Alberta’s media projects. Harrison has more than a decade of experience scoring everything from radio ads, television ads, television programming, short and feature length films. Harrison has a knack for quality and timing when it comes to music and film. An avid film lover, his library of knowledge concerning films and film scores is nearly encyclopedic, and thus was able to draw upon many sources to come up with the haunting complex score in Double Booked.



James Franksen – (Cinematographer)

James Franksen has been an avid photographer and videographer for a large part of the last decade. Franksen began working as a consultant photographer with Statically Indeterminate Productions in 2011 on a Calgary restaurant’s ad campaign that was featured in, among other publications, City Palate. Over the following several years Franksen slowly realized his love for still photography transferred nicely to filming HD video on the emerging DSLR HD video platform. Franksen soon began working as the director of photography and cameraman for many of Statically Indeterminate Productions’ corporate videos and commercials. Having years of experience shooting both stills and video with Canon 5d Mark II served extremely well when it came time to film Double Booked with a small crew and a tight schedule. Franksen’s visual style is truly unique blending a mix of static locked down beautiful shots (with still photograph-like compositions) mixed with frenetic movement and handheld action as a stark counterpoint. Franksen chose to use opposites and stark contrasts between scenes in Double Booked. He used both understated and subtle lighting techniques to create a dark and foreboding sense of tension and then juxtaposed that with harsh fluorescent lighting to cause the same feeling using the audience’s expectations based on previous scenes. Franksen is now running a successful Photography company called Via Cambria Photographs. Seeking the best photographs Franksen is currently traveling the world amassing his already dazzling collection of decorative photographs.