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Months after a scarring event, a tight-knit group of friends are taken captive while on vacation at a cabin by a seemingly normal couple.  After days of being subjected to sleep deprivation and mental torture, the group must desperately try to discover the motivation of their captors before they’re taken out one by one.


Double Booked is a taut psychological thriller from Canadian director Neil Webb.  This feature film presents an unflinching look at what transpires when the unexamined life is sharply brought into focus by extremely dire circumstances.


Written by brothers Neil and John Webb, Double Booked is a carefully crafted, intricate character study that is presented within the framework of a nail-biting thriller.  The Webb brothers have been life-long fans of the genre, but feel that horror/thriller films often fall short of delivering complex, substantive stories.  Thus, they have set out to bring both complex characters and a strong sense of realism to an already exciting genre.


The film was shot in British Columbia and Alberta and features not only the beautiful landscapes of Western Canada but also features a cast and crew comprised wholly of talented Canadians from pre-production through to post.  The film picked up three nominations at the 2014 Alberta Film and Television Awards including Best Dramatic Production.  Double Booked was selected to screen at: the Action On Film International Film Festival, the Sunscreen Film Festival West, and the Northern Virginia International Film Festival.  The film then had its Canadian premiere screening in January 2015.


Director / Neil Webb
Writers / Neil Webb & John Webb